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Zhi-Lei Zhang, Ph.D

Contact information

Zhi-Lei Zhang
School of Optometry, UC Berkeley
360 Minor Hall
Berkeley,CA 94720

Tel: (510)-642-7710 (Office)
Email: (replace the # with @)

My Research interest

I got my Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and continued my research in Vision Science

My research has been focused on binocular stereopsis using methods of psychophysics. Some of them involves the spatial and temporal properties of binocular correspondence, especially when there are conficts with minimun absolute disparity or minimum relative disparity solution. Further studies focused on the interaction between the eye positional information and the retinal information in stereo perception. These include the influence of eye movement on slant perception, perisaccadic positional shift, and perisaccadic stereo. All of them involves how the eye positional information is used to interpret the retinal information.

Selected publications

Personal interest

西西河,我常去的一个中文网站。Just in case that you are interested in learning Chinese language, or its culture, this web site might worthwhile for you to take a look :).
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