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Shrikant A. Bharadwaj, BSOpt., Ph.D

Shrikant A. Bharadwaj BSOpt., PhD
Scientist and Associate Director of Optometry
L V Prasad Eye Institute
Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation, Hyderabad, INDIA
Email:bharadwaj [at] lvpei [dot] org

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SRB in Cliff's lab...

Human ocular accommodation (the auto-focus mechanism of the human eye)is achieved primarily by a change in the power of lens inside the eye. The change in the lens power is brought about the constriction of the ciliary muscle in response to parasympathetic innervation sent the brain. As we age, our accommodative ability progressively deteriorates primarily due to the inability of the lens to change shape. The progressive deterioration in the focusing ability with aging is termed as "presbyopia". While we have a fairly good understanding of the different bio-mechanical structures involved in accommodation and how their properties change with age, our knowledge of the neural control of accommodation is still limited. As a graduate student, I investigated various aspects of the neural control of accommodation and how the neural control changed with age. A second-order feedback control model of accommodation was developed based on the static and dynamic characteristics of accommodation and based on already observed neural firing patterns that are related to accommodation responses. Through these empirical and modeling exercises, I realized that the accommodative system in humans does not work with machine-like properties but it adopts different control strategies in order to optimize different response characteristics. These control strategies are likely to change with viewing conditions, practice and with age.

We have also developed a web-based model of accommodation that simulates the performance of the accommodative control system when the biological lens is replaced by a prosthetic intraocularlens material. Please visit Schor Lab and click on "A-IOL Model" to interactively work with this model.

SRB in Rowan's lab...

Another important aspect of accommodation that has not been investigated extensively is its development. By about three months of age, infants start accommodating to targets that are placed at different distances in front of them. The link between accommodation and convergence eye movements has also been shown to present by this age. While the cross-link between accommodation and convergence eye movements has been well studied in adults, very little is known about their interaction in infants and toddlers. As a post doctoral fellow, I have started investigating two specific aspects of this cross-link interaction. One, how does the cross-link interaction change with the growth of the eye ball and the head and second, how does the cross-link interaction functions when the infant moves its eyes to an eccentric position of gaze? We have made theoretical predictions on the expected change in the cross-link gains in order to have optimal performance of both the accommodative and the convergence control systems. We have also started comparing these predictions with empirical measurements of the cross-link gains in infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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Well, that's when the four of us decided to venture into a studio to get ourselves photographed!! That's my amma and appa standing while allowing my brother and myself to sit comfortably during the photo shoot. If, in case you are wondering what my family is upto, here is some information for you...

My dad, V. S. Rajangam, works as a marketing consultant for building products. He loves travelling so much so that he dosen't mind getting lost in transit (Well, that is an inside joke, not many of you are going to understand it)!! One other thing he loves doing is getting both his sons out of the bed early in the morning. He comes up with such ingeneous ideas that any dad/mom viewing this page should make it a point to email him (gitarajangam [at] to get advise!

My mom, Gita Rajangam, decided to quit her job as a bank officer to nurture her sons. She now repents doing that because inspite of her constant care, both her sons have turned into absolute morons!! She loves to do almost everything in this world; given a chance, she might even consider replacing me in graduate school.

Now, here comes the big guy, my younger brother, Prashant Bharadwaj!! A lazy-lubber, couch-potato, lotus-eater and what not; Prashant has the amazing ability of procastinate things to the last minute and still getting it done on time. Prashant is a Bio-Technologist by profession and he is currently pursuing a PhD in the molecular biology of Alzheimer's disease at CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia. Apparently, he had the so-called "engineering brains" right from childhood. I guess, my extended family inferred this when they saw him terrorizing people with a screw-driver and mallet when he was barely two years old!! I don't think he has a website of his own, but if he has one in the future, I should have the link for that somewhere here.

And finally, that's me, Shrikant Bharadwaj. I decided to pose a very professional look for the photograph, but it turned out as pathetic as ever!! Anyways, you have probably seen a lot of me by now. If you are still not fulfilled, go again to my main page and follow the routine!!!

There is one other important person who is not featured in this picture - my wife, Charanya Ramachandran. Charan is pursuing her PhD at the IU School of Optometry, Bloomington, working on the molecular biology of cell-cell interactions in corneal endothelium and trabecular meshwork (stuff, that is way too cool, but beyond my level of understanding!!). We met nine years back at the Elite School and we got married in February 2006. I am still waiting for a good picture of all five of us that could replace the existing one!

If you are curious to know, how both Prashant and myself ended up with a surname while my parents did not, here is the answer. My mom and dad decided to have kids when they were in Bombay (now called, Mumbai). It is customary to ask for ones surname first if you live anywhere in the north of India. Aad Nav Kai???, is how you would ask for a person's surname, if you knew to speak Marathi!!! My parents did not want their sons to be groping for an answer if such a question was posed. Hence, they decided to donne us with a surname, Bharadwaj after our gothram!!

You know what, there are other good things that my family is upto. If you want to know more, you can either choose to email them at gitarajangam [at] or myself at bharadwaj [at]

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